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AffiliateCMS is a content management system (content management software) designed specifically for franchise owners and operators. Our customers use AffiliateCMS to privately and securely distribute training videos, event information, corporate documents, human resource materials and more.

See how Rock Steady Boxing, a not-for-profit organization with over 500 affiliate locations, uses AffiliateCMS to fight back against Parkinson’s disease.

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What is the ‘My Site’ module?

The ‘My Site’ module allows your franchises / affiliates to control content on independent web pages, that match the layout and design of your corporate website. This is useful if you want to maintain consistent corporate branding across your franchise / affiliate websites. The ‘My Site’ module is optional and available at no additional cost. Contact us to learn more.

Is AffiliateCMS a SaaS?

Yes, AffiliateCMS is considered Software As A Service (SaaS). Your monthly fee includes hosting and unlimited internet bandwidth. Billing is based on the number of franchises / affiliates you have using the system.

Can I add my company’s branding?

All AffiliateCMS accounts come with a unique subdomain for your company. For example, if your comapny name is ‘McCools’, your AffiliateCMS subdomain would be In addition, your company name is displayed on every page in the CMS, inlcuding the login page.

Does AffiliateCMS have a mobile app?

There is no mobile app because the AffiliateCMS website is already designed for smartphones and tablets. All screens, images and text automatically scale to fit your screen size.

Can we customize the user interface or reporting?

Yes! We have a client services department designed to handle your requests. However, any custom reports or modules are billed at our hourly development rate. Contact us for more information or to get an estimate.

AffilliateCMS is a product of Fourteen Six Street, LLC.

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